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“Let the children come to me… for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 19:14). 


YOU are the primary catechists for your children. Here at St. Gerard Majella it is our privilege to support you in this endeavor. St. Gerard’s Faith Formation Program believes that our parish program is intended as an extension of a faith and formation lived in the home environment, the “domestic church."


Levels 1 and 2 – a two year preparation to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist (Communion)

Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 – continuing faith formation

Levels 7 and 8 – a two year preparation toward receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. (If a student has not come to classes for a couple of years, they might need to be evaluated to see if they need a third year of study.)

RCIA – for those children over 7 years of age and unbaptized, a special process is in place and will be discussed upon registration.

Teens – those in high school who have not completed their sacraments will need to speak to a director upon registration.

Policies & Guidelines

Arrival & Dismissal

At the Parish Center:  

  • Children must be brought into the building.

  • All children must be picked up at dismissal and signed out by an adult in the large church(main room).

  • If someone other than the parent or legal guardian is to pick up the child, the Catechetical Leader must be informed of this change in writing at the beginning of class.

  • Once classes begin, parents are not permitted to remain in the lobby and the exterior doors will be closed until dismissal.

At Boyle Road:  

  • Children must be walked to their catechist’s classroom where parents will leave them with their assigned catechist.

  • All children must be picked up and signed out by an adult at dismissal  at their catechist’s classroom.

  • Children will not be dismissed into the parking lot.

  • If someone other than the parent or legal guardian is to pick up the child, the Catechetical Leader must be informed of this change in writing at the beginning of class.

  • Once classes begin, parents are not permitted to remain in the building and the exterior doors will be closed until dismissal.

Absences: Students are expected to attend class each week, to arrive on time and to remain until the closing prayer.

Attendance will be taken each week and maintained in their permanent records.

If a child is absent, please email or send in a written note. Excessive absences in our Sacrament Preparation Programs(Delayed Sacrament, First Communion, and Confirmation) may result in your child not being properly prepared for reception of the sacrament and require an additional period of study.

If a situation arises and your child may have to be out a period of time, please contact the office to make arrangements. We will accommodate your situation to be the best of our ability.

Bathroom:  Please encourage your child to use the bathroom before class begins. If your child has a physical condition requiring multiple trips to trips to the bathroom, please notify the Religious Education Office.

Program Closing:  If we need to cancel classes because of inclement weather, an announcement will be made on Channel 12 as well as an alert on the parish website. Please note, if Comsewogue Schools close early or after school activities are canceled, our classes are canceled.

Discipline: Disruptive behavior in the classroom will not be tolerated. A student should not compromise the entire environment for those who wish to grow in faith and understanding. 

Families of younger students will receive a telephone call from the child's catechist or the director to discuss behavior.

The policy for older students is as follows:

If a child is exhibiting inappropriate behavior in class and does not adhere to the catechist's reprimand, they will be instructed to call their family, advise them that they were unable to properly participate in class, and request to be picked up immediately.

Electronic Devices:  We take into consideration that many of the children will be in possession of cell phones, however they may not be used in any capacity during class. If used, they will be taken and given to the director or the assistant and must be retrieved by an adult. Continued cell phone disruption may result in an alternative program for your child.

Program Registration

Entering the Program (for the first time)

·       All families are required to register as members of St. Gerard’s Parish.

·       A copy of each child’s baptismal certificate is required at time of registration.

·       When transferring from another parish, proof of prior instruction(transfer letter) must be sent to us from that parish.

·       If an Order of Protection is in place, we must be advised of this at the time of registration.


·       Every family is required to re-register their children every year.

·       Registration forms will be available in April on our website and at the church. We will do our best to honor all requests however first come, first served.

·     Parent/Parish Partnership in Faith 

·       Please consider serving in your parish as a catechist (teacher), substitute or hall monitor.


·       Tuition must be paid at registration.  If there is a financial burden, we will work with families on a payment plan or help to find a solution.  In addition to the regular fees charged, there is an additional fee charged in the Sacrament years.

Special Needs

·       If your child has special needs or circumstances, please tell us at registration.  We will do our best to accommodate your child’s needs.  All information will be kept confidential.

Pope Francis on the Family — What Makes a Family Holy?

1. First: the family prays.

…I would like to ask you, dear families: Do you pray together from time to time as a family?  Some of you do, I know.  But so many people say to me: But how can we? …But in the family how is this done? After all, prayer seems to be something personal, and besides there is never a good time, a moment of peace…  Yes, all that is true enough, but it is also a matter of humility, of realizing that we need God… all of us! We need his help, his strength, his blessing, his mercy, his forgiveness.  And we need simplicity to pray as a family: simplicity is necessary! Praying the Our Father together, around the table, is not something extraordinary: it’s easy. And praying the Rosary together, as a family, is very beautiful and a source of great strength!  And also praying for one another! The husband for his wife, the wife for her husband, both together for their children, the children for their grandparents….praying for each other.  This is what it means to pray in the family and it is what makes the family strong: prayer.

2. Next, the family keeps the faith.

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